Psilocybe Mexicana


Mexican Shrooms is a psychedelic mushroom that is cultivated artificial orbnaturally and would retain its natural psychoactive properties. hollow, straw color to brownish or reddish-brown and the Taste is Farinaceous. it is also called Happies.

Mexican Magic Mushrooms for beginners

Strength: Low/Medium, ideal to take with friends
Effect: Light euphoric sensation, a joyous heart and sharpened perception
Content: 1 vacuum sealed bag containing 15 gram truffles
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What are the Psilocybe Mexicana?

Psilocybe Mexicana are hallucinogenic mushroom. The famous chemist Albert Hofmann discovered the Psilocibina. The psychoactive compounds in Magic Mushrooms. Psilocybe Mexican mushrooms have been in used for many, many years. 2000 years ago the Aztecs used the Mexicana mushrooms (mexicana truffles) in their magic rituals. Civilisation entered in contact with spirits and celestial entities. Buy Mexican mushrooms online – Buy psilocybe

The Mexicans are the beginners’ choice opening the doors to mushroom cultivation for many It is the mushroom to ‘enter in contact’ with the magic mushrooms world. Mexicana truffles

It’s the variety widely pointed as the best to take shrooms for the first time because of its light but surprising effects.

Why it the Mexican considered ideal for beginners?

Psilocybe mexicana users prefer for their first experiences. The psilocybe mexicana offer a complete psychoactive experience. A gentle impact in the body. You’ll feel joy, fun and euphoria and experience visual hallucinations. it’s approximately 5 grams of fresh mushrooms and 15 minutes after consuming it.

The effects enlarge your creativity and original thoughts. Your social behaviour will change and good feelings. You’ll get visuals hallucinations, both with opened and closed eyes. Shapes colour variations, as well as fractals and forms.

There are nice and warm sensations that fades out slowly and quietly. There is no weird feelings attached with Mexicana mushrooms.

The effects, from the 8 to 15 grams (fresh), use to last between 4 and 6 hours.

How to take Psilocybe Mexicana Mushrooms?

Mexican mushrooms P. cubensis are a soft-mild hallucinogenic mushroom. The effects are already present in just a 5 grams dose of fresh mushrooms.

Go from 10 to 15 grams for strong effects. But be careful: these could be different for each person. It depends on your constitution, gender and body size. Buy Mexican mushrooms online

All experts recommend to start with a low dose. ALWAYS. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Psilocybe mexicana can be eaten, by chewing the mushrooms slowly. Making the chemical compounds mix with your saliva.

Some people can feel nausea doing it or just dislike the flavour. To avoid possible nausea, a good option could be preparing tea. It makes the consumption nicer. First effects start after 15-30 minutes after the take in this way.


We work hard to provide you with the freshest magic truffles and grow kits available on the market. Although the product usually survives the shipment without harm you can contact us if freshness is not optimal.

The Psilocybe Mexicana is one of the most famous and most popular magic truffle species in existence. The native people of South America have been using the Psilocybe Mexicana in spiritual rituals for thousands of years. It comes with a very pleasant and warm trip which will not be forgotten quickly. This species is perfect for beginners because it is not very strong.

The Psilocybe Mexicana was discovered in 1958 by the American mycologist Robert Watson. By that I mean that from that moment on people from the Western world started to experiment with it. Because the Mayans, Aztecs and all kinds of other population groups from Middle and South America have been using this mushroom for thousands of years and called it ‘flesh of the gods’ because of its powerful effect.

The Psilocybe Mexicana has been the subject of many studies. A beautiful quote from psychologist Timothy Leary, specialised in psychedelic drugs, after the use of Psilocybe Mexicana: “In four hours I learned more about the mind, the brain and its structures than I did in the preceding 15 years as a diligent psychologist”.

I am sure that you will also experience something very special after the use of these truffles. It is the mildest species from our assortment, but it should not be underestimated. The most important effects of the Psilocybe Mexicana are a light euphoric sensation, a joyous heart and sharpened perception. Ideal to take with friends, because the trip is not so intense.

If you’re still a bit unsure about tripping, be sure to read our trip guides.


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